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* Stamens, Seeds and Stars *
An Introduction to Astrology through Plants, Myth and Ritual

When the ancients observed the ever turning wheel of stars in the sky, they sensed subtle links with the seasons, the elements, the cycles of growing plants and even the human body. Many advanced cultures around the world utilized and documented these important observations and viewed them as gifts of un- derstanding for the health of the land and its inhabitants. This series will explore the starry realm through its influences and expressions throughout the zodiacal year. Participants will delve into the personality of a new planet each month as well as the plants, elements and body systems associated with it. An Introduction to the Doctrine of Signatures, medical astrology and body types as well as the chakras, tarot, myth and ritual will be interwoven throughout the course of the year. Included in the cost, participants will re- ceive a copy of their natal chart to further understand their own personal elemental energies. An introduction to personal sun, moon and ascendant signs will also be discussed. An appropri- ate herbal craft will be created at each class to further deepen and enhance the monthly lesson.

Susan Hess * Therapeutic Herbalist

This 12 part series begins on January 25, 2014 and will continue on the last
Saturday of every month for 12 months from 1:00 -4:00pm $700~ Payment plans available.
For more information call 610-587-7301 or register at here!

*Note: This course is not intended to be utilized as a specific herbal medicine primer but was instead created to explore the rich knowledge and mysteries of ancient cultures and re-member its deep connection to the earth, the skies and our own physical health and spiritual wholeness.

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