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Earthwalker's Barefoot Butter     4 oz. - Product Image
Earthwalker's Barefoot Butter 4 oz.

The perfect follow-up to our floral Barefoot Bath! Barefoot Butter is a luscious combination of rich tropical butters and oils and essential oil of peppermint that feels great on tired, dry feet or cracked heels. For best results, apply lavishly and cover with absorbent cotton or wool socks and allow to penetrate overnight. You'll be amazed at the results. Repeated use is recommended for chronically dry feet and heels.
Price: $16.50 

Farmgirl's Hand-Clappin' Revival Butter 4 oz. - Product Image
Farmgirl's Hand-Clappin' Revival Butter 4 oz.

This concentrated hand butter gives tender lovin' to hands that do lots of diggin', washin', cleanin', fixin', tendin', choppin', mendin', and mixin'. Also works wonders on softening a farmgirl's tough knees and elbows, too! Made with cocoa butter, virgin coconut oil, local beeswax,olive oil infused with elder flowers,glycerite of vanilla, essential oil of sweet orange
Price: $16.50 

  Boo-Boo-Goo Green Salve 1.25 oz.

Made from botanicals traditionally used for healing most every kind of "boo-boo": minor cuts, burns, scrapes, irritated skin and stings. Made with extra virgin olive oil infused with organically grown or ethically wildcrafted comfrey leaf, plantain leaf, calendula flowers, St. Johnswort buds,essential oils of lavender, rosemary, tea tree, myrrh, blue chamomile and local natural beeswax. Not intended for deep cuts or puncture wounds.
Price: $8.75 

  Mamas Tub ~ Lavender Bath Salts 1 lb. bag

Contains simply the finest sea salts, natural mineral salts and pure essential oil of lavender. Add a few scoops to a running bath and enjoy a relaxing soak.
Price: $7.95 

  Smoochies!! Lip Balm

NEW!! Convenient lip protection in a tube. Emollient oils, butters and Vitamin E with a touch of vanilla extract saves chapped, winter weary lips. .20 oz. tube
Price: $3.50 

  Stiff-Neck Salve 1.25 oz.

This stimulating, aromatic muscle rub brings circulation and warmth to cold , tight muscles and stiff joints. Apply liberally,massage deeply and repeat as needed. Made with extra virgin olive oil infused with ginger root, yarrow flowers and dandelion flowers, local natural beeswax, essential oils of rosemary, ginger, marjoram and wintergreen. A best seller!!
Price: $8.75 

Dragon's Delight Tasty Tonic Vinegar ~ 4 oz. - Product Image
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Dragon's Delight Tasty Tonic Vinegar ~ 4 oz.

Ingredients: Certified organic *raw apple cider vinegar, *horseradish root, *garlic, *onions, *cayenne peppers, *tumeric powder, *lemons, *elderberries, honey
Price: $9.50 

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