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Stella Natura Calendar published by our close neighbors at Camphill Village-Kimberton Hills in Kimberton, PA since 1978, the Stella Natura calendar provides not only precise planting information but also thought provoking essays on Biodynamic Agriculture. This calendar has been a standard part of my gardening efforts for many years. I also like to support my neighbors down the road!

Northern Hemisphere Astro Calendar This calendar is new to me this year but I feel might work well in tandem with the Stella Natura calendar. The calendar is full color and visually beautiful,shows actual naked eye astronomy and introduces weather forecasting.It is available in northern and southern hemisphere versions.

Lunaria Calendar I enjoy this calendar very much as a datebook/ journal but also for it's nostalgic artwork and poetry. The pages are not set up in the typical fashion. The months run by moon cycles: new moon to new moon. Definitely puts a bend on planning your months but I enjoy a good stretch! And like to think about 'time' in non-traditional (and non-conformist) means whenever possible.

Farmers' Almanac Your basic almanac! If you go to the website, they have real time moon data with and real time info appropriate to planting in that moment! High tech, but sorta neat if you are in the mood to surf the web for your planting guidance.

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