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It's a scientific fact that the moon affects the tides, the plant world and our moods. As a Libra woman, I revel in the moon's beauty,reading poetry inspired by 'Luna' and in discovering folkloric lunar knowledge in relation to various cultural practices. Hence, all the research and reading on the subject. It's an ongoing interest of mine.If you'll indulge me, I will share some interesting lunar lore, links and writings here on these pages as I find them.

As a gardener,wild crafter and herbalist, it is immensely important to me to try to understand and utilize the cosmic rhythms as they relate to planting, harvest and medicine making. This can not be wholly obtained by intellectual pursuit.It must be understood by becoming part of the subtle, unseen rhythms as experienced in the natural world. Whether by planting on our knees in the cool damp earth,feeling the sun kiss our shoulders as we bring in the harvest or by pruning back a dying plant at the end of the growing season, it is important to LIVE these cycles; witnessed week by week, season by season, year by year. Perhaps these calendars will help inspire you to begin just such a quest....

~Susan Hess
with Moon in Gemini

lunar phases
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