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Planting Seeds- for Soul and Soil
For centuries, moon-wise gardeners have observed many outward expressions of fullness and fertility during the waxing of the moon (the two weeks of the lunar cycle when the moon grows from new to full) The sap rises in the trees, blossoms burst open and fruits swell, increasing in size and sweetness.
Play close attention and you will witness the earth exhale and breathe life force to all that is growing above the ground. The new moon brings forth the finest ‘seed potential’ and the promise of germination and new growth.
A look through the farmer’s almanac reminds us that planting by the moon reconnects us to the rhythms of the heavens. “Plant above annual ground vegetable plants, herbs and flowers from the new moon through the second quarter.”

A thoughtful gardener knows that seed planting requires the garden site to be properly prepared. Soil needs to be loosened and unwanted debris, stones and weeds removed. Compost and manure are added for nourishment for the future seedlings.

In this way, we consciously prepare a space for our seeds and invite them to flourish after they have been lovingly pushed into the ground. If we are fortunate, the heavens reward our efforts with rain and sunshine.
So too should we consciously prepare our own ‘inner’ garden space in the days leading up to the new moon phase. By anticipating and preparing for the monthly return of the invisible moon, when the sky is a dark, rich fertile field, we are inviting our intuition to whisper to the seeds and using the moon’s energy to blow sweet life into them.

By being conscious, instinctual, open and receptive during the time of the new moon and waxing phase, we can cultivate our own worthwhile seeds… and then aspire to grow them.
The new moon sends us a monthly invitation to dig in with both hands, prune, weed and re-plant the soul garden if necessary. Tending it and giving it the nourishment it needs will keep our lives moving towards a rich and meaningful harvest.

By Susan Hess
0n the Waxing Moon ~April 2007
Published in the Hollerbeier Haven Newsletter~ Premier Issue May 2007

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